Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hunter Valley: A Population Explosion Is Planned!

The Hunter Valley is on the hit list for a planned population explosion. It is intended by the New South Wales government that some 160,000 extra persons are to be added by 2025.

The Hunter Valley, famous for its smaller industrial towns, its vineyards and its Australian lifestyle is to be culture-busted by immigrants drawn from new source pools and ‘refugees’ drawn from Third World conflict zones.

Ultimately, the planners have envisaged one huge population concentration stretching from Singleton and Port Stephens in the North, through Sydney and to Nowra in the South, encompassing up to possibly 15,000,000 people by 2050. Essentially, parts of this huge area (like the Central Coast) may become unliveable under the infrastructure stresses sure to be caused.

Of late, Labor Party corruption has stymied a few growth projects set for the northern parts of the Central Coast and in the Hunter. But the pressure is on to redraw all zone restrictions and start on the expansion.

From 2004 on in Newcastle, Mayor Tate was a strong advocate of remarketing his city as a place for overseas students, refugees and residential expansion. These changes are now well and truly under way.

The populate for prosperity theory of Australian immigration has now gripped Australian politicians like never before. Immigration targets have been expanded under the KRudd government. Over 200,000 people will enter the country this year.

Only one party is resolved that a “big Australia” will never pass. Only one party says that it is a populate and bust policy now being imposed upon the nation.

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