Thursday, February 25, 2010

Joel Fitzgibbon Has Got To Go!

Hunter Region Is Stalking Ground Of An Evil Empire

The Federal Member for Hunter, Joel Fitzgibbon, may continue to huff and puff about being libelled by the miserable Sydney Morning Herald over allegations of particular financial payments and gifts from Chinese businesswoman, Helen Liu, but he cannot avoid the real question: why did he develop links with this Chinese capitalist who was Vice President of the World Federation Of Overseas Chinese Associations?

Indeed, Helen Liu was a major player at points in the last decade in the overall effort of Chinese imperialism to intrude into the affairs of innumerable countries, acquire political and economic influence and use these things to the advantage of the emergent Chinese superpower.

A local toad like Fitzgibbon was useful in spreading the good cheer that the Chinese superpower is a friendly dragon willing to throw money around to the advantage of all sorts of investors and developers. It seems Fitzgibbon, like his father, also benefited. The Labor Party benefited with good donations.

Collaboration with the Chinese superpower is treason to Australia. But in these days of globalisation, China is seen by the traitor class elite as a great mate who is propping up the economic order. Or is it that China is biding its time?

The traitor class in our country does not even understand the idea of treason. Treason to whom? To what? This class would argue that Australia is just part of an economic system, a geographic placename where vast quantities of minerals can be found for sale. The business of the class – is business. In that regard, China is just another partner.

However, China is not just some economic partner. China is a superpower with vast reserves of foreign currency to buy up strategic assets and to facilitate the growth of a fifth column on Australian soil. The call of the Motherland resonates in the vast herd of Chinese immigrants, contract labourers and students presently standing upon our piece of earth. The call inside a Fitzgibbon is the urge to profit.

Australia First promises traitor Fitzgibbon that we will forget him. At the very least, he shall not be forgotten in election year. This man belongs not in Parliament – but on the dole. Or overseas perhaps, working for one of Helen Liu’s companies? It is our aim to help him out of Parliament.

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