Sunday, January 30, 2011

More Multinational Destruction of Australian History - Save Wambo Homestead!

A mining multinational, Wambo Coal (owned by Peabody and Sumiseki), has sought permission to demolish Wambo Homestead near Singleton.

The company complains that it would endure unnecessary financial hardship if it was compelled not to mine and to maintain the property – which sits atop its lease.

The Wambo Homestead was built in 1830 and represents a tradition of fine colonial-era architecture. It is priceless Australian heritage. Yet it has fallen into some decay, a circumstance the mining company is happy to allow to continue so as to render the structure unviable. The Heritage Council, which has cited the Homestead as essential to understanding Australia’s pastoral tradition, is under pressure from politicians to allow its destruction. Wambo Coal has promised to move some outbuildings to another location and create a cyberspace version of the Homestead. The multinational confirms itself as a cultural vandal.

The struggle over Wambo Homestead represents an overarching Australian problem in the twenty-first century. Our country is descending into the status of a super-exploited mining quarry, where all assets are being sold just to maintain the present unworkable economic system which can only bumble along if fed by its ‘exports’.

The mining multinationals want our farming land and anything else that gets in the way. The Hunter region has already witnessed other struggles over mining. If Wambo Homestead goes, it will give the multinationals new confidence. What’s next? The Wineries? The towns themselves?

Australia First Party in the Hunter region will participate in any movement that will protect our national heritage. We need to win the fight at Wambo Homestead.

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